Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Citizen Guide to Handicap Scooters

Handicap scooter: The Happy Citizen Guide to finding the right handicap scooter.

With today’s modern technology, there is a vast array of handicap scooters available on the market. The once bulky and heavy handicap scooter now has a lean and light design affording ease in transporting the handicap scooter. The choices range from wheel design, to affordability, to maximum weight capacity, to color and weight. In selecting the right handicap scooter for you, your decision should be based on what you want the handicap scooter to do for you. Determine your needs and situation before you begin to shop for that perfect handicap scooter.

Transporting Your Handicap scooter

The handicap scooter can bring the world of mobility to your doorstep. The first question you should ask yourself is: How am I going to transport my new handicap scooter? If you have a van or mini-van, the options are by far the most numerous and you have many more handicap scooters to choose from.

There are several basic wheel options available when purchasing a new handicap scooter. The most popular are the three and four wheel designs. The four wheel handicap scooter is often larger, weighing more, and has a lesser turning capacity. A lift is required to move the 4 wheel handicap scooter in and out of your van as the normal weight is around 160 to well over 200 pounds. If you do not have a van, however, don’t worry. There is a vast selection of handicap scooters that are portable in design and will break down into 3 to 4 sections. This allows the handicap scooter to be easily stored in the trunk of any car. The heaviest section of the handicap scooter, once taken apart, is approximately 28- 40 pounds.

Living in Style

Next, when considering purchasing a handicap scooter you’ll want to ask yourself: Which style/brand of handicap scooter will be the most comfortable for me? You’ll want to consider the maximum weight capacity of the handicap scooter. Most of the smaller 3 wheel portable handicap scooters are designed to carry a maximum weight capacity of 220 – 250 pounds, while the sturdier four wheel designed handicap scooters can accommodate up to 350 – 400 pounds. You will also want to consider the type and style of chair for your handicap scooter. You will want to find a chair that is not only comfortable, but one that will swivel allowing easy access onto your handicap scooter.


Two more questions you will want to ask yourself when shopping for handicap scooters are: What color looks best on me, and what price looks best for my pocketbook. Of course price is you biggest consideration when purchasing a handicap scooter. The handicap scooter can range from a little over $500.00 to well over $5000.00 depending on the style that is the best fit for your individual needs. Your first step is to contact your doctor, Health Insurance Company or Medicare for financial assistance. And of course you’ll want to choose the handicap scooter color that looks best on you! You can choose from a variety of colors: red, blue, grey, teal, or black.

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